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Hemato Pte. Ltd. Singapore - UEN:201022903R


The founders believed that a skilled leadership with clear vision and mission will bring the company success since 2010. Hemato Pte Ltd. was formed on a common objective and goal for the continuous growth and development in the company through customer driven performance. Our all four directors have their own expertise in different field of business. Their combined knowledge and skills are the leading steps for the growth and development of the company.

Our company’s approach is multidisciplinary and geared towards leadership that boosts the morale of the employees to ensure a high degree of accomplishment & performance. Our team derives the drive from our “goals & objectives” to a traditional belief that every customer is our vision of success. Customer satisfaction with our high quality services and profitability is our best of interests. Our core values include:

• Integrity
• Commitment
• Service excellence/Quality service
• Honesty/Teamwork
• Reliability
• Adaptability
• Professionalism

These core values are the guiding principles that help us in our decision-making processes. The company relies on these core values to increase the assets and investments in order to enhance development.

We deal with all forms of changes around the economic front in order to balance communication status between our company and its customers. Values are profound with the adaptability of geopolitical upheaval and significant benefits reaping from the trade while reducing the risk factors impacting the world. Success never comes by accident, it involves hard work, learning, studying, perseverance and most of all the love of what we are doing.

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