Hemato Pte Ltd is working towards the strategy to provide fresh water and sea water seafood to our customers. Our sea life is toxin free. We are having 4 seawater pond and 4 fresh water pond. Our pond is fresh water and seawater both. We are having our own pond area of 90,000 square meters, we produce and operate crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, prawn .The Red and Blue crab is fresh water while the lobster, curacha, shrimps and prawns are sea water.

Cultivation and Preparation period of the pond

Fresh Water Pond at least in 10 to 12 feet depth standard. Proper tarp lining for pond liner. Fill in enough level of water with proper irrigation. After filling water for 72 hours then fill in the first fertilizers to form into moss. After 3 days, pond is ready ad seedling can be now placed.

Kinds and sizes as following for seafood

  • Tiger and Sliver Prawn.

  • Red, Blue, Crabs, Sea water and fresh water Crabs.

  • All kinds of Lobsters, Curacha and Squids.

  • Sizes of Crabs, Lobster and Curacha

  • 500 grams to 950 grams grown for minimum 45 days.

  • 1 kg to 2 kg grown for max of 60 days.

  • Fingerlings to king size max of 4 kg each of 90 days.

  • Shrimps and Tiger Prawn from fingerlings to max sizes.

  • Squid from fingerlings to standard sizes size for 30 days.

  • King Squid size max for 60 days


Crab placed individually max to 2 heads per bamboo or plastic pond box.

Lifespan of crabs and lobster is 20 to 24 hours in the port of destination.

Lifespan of shrimps is 12 hours .

Lifespan of Squid , tuna and other seafood must be freeze while transportation up to 24 hours maximum

Our team maintain the highest level of hygienic standard of the sea life for International Market with new technology.

We deal with our principle and sustain long term productivity of sea life within our ponds, to ensure it matches the requirement of our clients.