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Saffron is the most luxury edible ingredient for our daily cuisines with confine of various types of mineral and nutrients such Vitamin A, C, D, B6 & B12, riboflavin, calcium, niacin, thiamin, folate, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. sodium and zinc.

Saffron is having incredible chemical compounds such as antioxidant, disease preventing, blood purifying and health promoting properties.It make bones stronger, heart healthy and promotes diabetes management.

Hemato Pte Ltd proudly confirms the supply of Authentic & Premium Saffron , that provide the real flavor of saffron. Top Superior quality give the customer the trust of saffron from the field to their kitchen. Saffron are all hand picked providing the orientation to the customer’s choice you are our priority in all convention times.

Our Saffron are ” Grade A” Organically Grown quality, our aim is to serve you with our best products as you being our customers . Bring your inner beauty out ,with sensual touch of Saffron in your meals use ” Saffron” to stay healthy .


Otherwise known as “red gold” and well known in cooking, saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. But, as an object of desire it can also be a victim of fraud. Low quality saffron is often traded on international markets, and the specifications for pure saffron are not always respected. 

So, what is saffron worthy of its name?
Extracted from the pistils of the crocus flower, it is the harvest method for saffron that is behind its high value. Saffron is mostly grown in a belt of land ranging from Mediterranean in the west to Kashmir in the east. It is a unique crop because each stigma needs to be picked by hand, one by one. Its high value has made saffron the object of frequent adulteration.


About 250,000 flowers are needed for 1 kg of saffron 1 stigma of saffron weighs about 2 mg and each flower has 3 stigmata. Saffron Farm produces 6kgs per hectare. Organic saffron produced annually is 4 kgs per hectare. The shelf life will be three years when stored well in room temperature in glass jars.


The many techniques for saffron fraud is a permanent problem for consumers. The difference in quality between saffron from different places and the subsequent fluctuation of prices have brought in much confusion. Therefore, the quality of saffron is certified in the international trade market following the ISO 3632.

The standards are useful for analyzing the strength of the spice’s flavor, aroma and color as without these, the fake saffron has no culinary value. In addition, they help laboratories to detect if the saffron is pure or not, that is to say if foreign matters are detected in the product.

Fraud happens more often with the powdered saffron as less expensive spices can be added to increase the mass. Not drying the saffron properly is another way of pushing the price up, as of course the more humid the powder the more it will weigh, so the standard also helps determine the level of humidity.

In addition, it recommends how the saffron should be packaged in order to protect it from environmental effects. ISO 3632-1:2011 establishes specifications for dried saffron obtained from the pistils of Crocus sativus L. flowers. It applies to saffron in both of the following forms: a) filaments and cut filaments;

b) powder.

"Our aim to supply you best quality products direct from the farm , your health is our priority. "

We follow the life style of Quality, Taste, and Superiority.

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