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Hemato Pte. Ltd deal in major and independent commercial oil companies , petrochemical producers and renewable energy company , oil field service firms.

Our team unlock the inherent potentials by exploring the capacity expansion to deliver with production optimisation . cost and capital management , maintenance and supply chain management.



Hemato Pte Ltd  work towards with professionalism to create short films, editing movies , animation movies, story writing , development of motion graphics, video production , project photography.,Our company forged into new segments in the entertainment and media industry. We rekindle connection direct with audience relationships.


Hemato Pte Ltd proudly confirms the supply of Authentic & Premium Saffron , that provide the real flavor of saffron. Top Superior quality give the customer the trust of saffron from the field to their kitchen. Saffron are all hand picked providing the orientation to the customer’s choice you are our priority in all convention times.



Hemato Pte Ltd is working towards the strategy to provide fresh water and sea water seafood to our customers. Our sea life is toxin free. We are having 4 seawater pond and 4 fresh water pond. Our pond is fresh water and seawater both.

We are having our own pond area of 90,00 square meters, we produce and operate crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters, prawn including tuna, sardines and salmon. 


Hemato Pte Ltd is dealing Cocoa from Asian Origin. We provide the best cocoa bean for the baking purpose including cakes, beverages, and chocolates. Our cocoa powder vary in flavour from fruity natural to bitter and in colour from vibrant red to dark brown and black. This allow the customers to choose as per their choices. We only deal in Premium Quality as a key ingredient to create the chocolatier taste for our customers.



We are proud to introduce our essential oil which are edible food grade. Quality of essential oil extracted are natural and to the  purest form.

Our exquisite high quality Spices and Herbs is chosen with customer's taste and priority. Enjoy your delicacies by adding the best flavored Herbs and Spices.

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