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The Voice of Business

For the past 158 years, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has grown together with Hong Kong and the business community. The Chamber’s mission is to promote, represent and safeguard the interests of the business community in Hong Kong, and at the same time provide support, networks, training and business services to help the business community grow. Its four key functions are:


Its mission is to promote, represent and safeguard the interests of the business community in Hong Kong.

It has representatives on over 40 Government and non-Government Advisory Boards, as well as the Executive Council and Legislative Councillors, plus three of its members serve on the CPPCC Standing Committee.

It manages 23 industry and functional committees, as well as special interest groups, to debate issues affecting business and develop solutions.


The Chamber expand members local and international networks with businesses, governments and institutions around the world.

Expand political network with local & foreign government officials, consuls general, government advisors. Enrich business network by mingling with the cream of Hong Kong’s business community, local, Mainland China and international businesses operating here.

Broaden international network by meeting with over 100 overseas and Mainland delegations, as well as participating in its overseas missions to cities in the Mainland and around the world.


The Chamber organize over 500 events for members every year, many are exclusive, many are unique, but all useful in helping members grow their businesses.

Choose from over 500 events that they hold every year to broaden business knowledge, connections and interests. Pick the brains of its policy experts to stay on top of the latest developments.

Visit key government and private facilities in its exclusive behind-the-scenes site visits to see how other companies work and how their best practices can be used in business.

Achieve a better work-life balance by attending one of its many cultural, sports, recreation, health, and lifestyle events.

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